Hi! I’m Kiyoshi. Thanks for stopping by.

I have lived and worked across Australia and Japan for more than 32 years as a Japan travel specialist, promoting bilateral tourism between my two home countries.  I moved to Australia in 1989 and have made Sydney home for my family and I.

Educated in Japan, England, the United States and Australia, I am not only in fluent in Japanese and English, but have lived my life immersed in both Japanese and Western cultures.  My family owned a Ryokan (traditional Japanese Inn) in Ishikawa Prefecture, and thus from an early age hospitality and tourism has been in my blood.

Since 1999, I have escorted groups and  more than 30 individual Australians to Japan for both business and leisure.  Through this I have gained a deeper insight into Japan as an authentic cultural destination for Aussies.  Many of my fellows Australians have since gone back to Japan in search for their own gratifying cultural experiences.

I now want to inspire other Australians to enjoy a fun yet culturally enriching holiday in Japan.